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Part NumberNameSectionQuantity Required 
080R3669BL932SYNCHROConsumables (EA)
1084-3CN045INSERTConsumables (EA)
12605THERMOMETER 305MMConsumables (EA)
131799000000000CONNECTOConsumables (EA)
14.5 X 15CMBAG WITH LOGOConsumables (EA)
14HFMAGNETIC INKConsumables (EA)
163965-02MICRCRCTConsumables (EA)
18-1-CSLEEVEConsumables (EA)
18-3-MSLEEVEConsumables (EA)
18111TAB LOCKConsumables (EA)
211005STRAPConsumables (EA)
22555-71ENDConsumables (EA)
225MPW400KCAPACITORConsumables (EA)
239529CONNECTORConsumables (EA)
239714FASTENERConsumables (EA)
2415-0021LAMPConsumables (EA)
244079SCREWConsumables (EA)
2600LWWASHERConsumables (EA)
2671879RETAINERConsumables (EA)
26S8-5STUDConsumables (EA)
30-295-603-41SCREWConsumables (EA)
30-295-603-41BOLTConsumables (EA)
300-0753-114TRANSISTORConsumables (EA)
300-0753-165TRANSISTORConsumables (EA)
300-0753-165DIODEConsumables (EA)

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