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Part NumberNameSectionQuantity Required 
AS43013-035RINGConsumables (EA)
AS43013-149RINGConsumables (EA)
AT28C64B15PIICIRCUITConsumables (EA)
AWJ7415-1GUARDConsumables (EA)
BAC27DCC100DECALConsumables (EA)
BACB28X12M025BUSHINGConsumables (EA)
CD4013BF3AICIRCUITConsumables (EA)
CDR103-3COUNTERConsumables (EA)
CS-223-16FASTON 6F HOUSINGConsumables (EA)
CS-224-07FASTON SOCKETConsumables (EA)
CSR23F185KMCAPACITORConsumables (EA)
CW2-3RESISTORConsumables (EA)
E0090-18-240LEADConsumables (EA)
F62C1014-3SHIMConsumables (EA)
FDBA57-14-12SNK-A499CONNECTORConsumables (EA)
GS02-10SL3P111RECEPTACLEConsumables (EA)
HEF40174BDMICRCRCTConsumables (EA)
JANIN645DIODEConsumables (EA)
JANTX1N645-1DIODEConsumables (EA)
JANTXIN645-1DIODEConsumables (EA)
KB7107WASHERConsumables (EA)
KR70REPAIR KITConsumables (EA)
L15143-01COPPER RINGConsumables (EA)
L15143-01GASKETConsumables (EA)
LD45FOAM SHEETConsumables (EA)

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