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Part NumberNameSectionQuantity Required 
S6025EYELETConsumables (EA)
S7003-002SHIMConsumables (EA)
S7003-003SHIMConsumables (EA)
S7003-004SHIMConsumables (EA)
S7003-010SHIMConsumables (EA)
S8157N329-005WASHERConsumables (EA)
S8157N46-003WASHERConsumables (EA)
SA677-101KNOBConsumables (EA)
SO38922101CAPConsumables (EA)
SOS-3.5M3-8INSERTConsumables (EA)
SOS-3.5M3-9INSERTConsumables (EA)
T242A185K035MSCAPACITORConsumables (EA)
WB0730CONNECTORConsumables (EA)
Z-2287GROMMETConsumables (EA)
Z2287GROMMETConsumables (EA)

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