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Part NumberNameSectionQuantity Required 
MS9245-45PINHardware (EA)
NAS1096-2-9SCREWHardware (EA)
NAS1096-2-9SCREWHardware (EA)
NAS1112-60WBOLTHardware (EA)
NAS1133-4SCREWHardware (EA)
NAS1154-E9SCREWHardware (EA)
NAS529-6-23PIN RIVETHardware (EA)
NAS603-18PSCREWHardware (EA)
ND3100-009P-XCIRCLIPHardware (EA)
ND3103-005P-XCIRCLIP Hardware (EA)
NSA5426-02SPLIT RIVETHardware (EA)
NSA5426-03RIVETHardware (EA)
NSA939511-03BPLUGHardware (EA)
PLC-M5NUTHardware (EA)
SP68-312RIVETHardware (EA)
TLPK636RIVETHardware (EA)

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